Saturday, 28 November 2015

Helloo it's saturday again but i spent it by doing my homework ._.
It is a homework to do a research about a topic that we can choose on our own from the textbook.
Actually i have do this homework last week and when i give it to my lecturer she asked me and all of my friends to redo it again (eventhough i think there is nothing wrong with my and all of my friends' paper).That is soooo annoying and heartbreaking :( , it is 20 sth pages and also remembering i finish it 2 days straight until midnight. And then, she just simply said it is wrong, redo it again, do different topic and then she write and scratching things on my paper with a pen. So, i have no choice, i choose another topic and redo all from beginning. But thankfully i got to finish it today, i just have to print it out tommorow and submit it yayy.
Now that i think of it, maybe my lecturer just want to give us a preface on how it will feel like when we do our skripsi ( don't know the english term of this :b ) since i will begin working on my skripsi on Sept next year.
Well, it is only 20 sth pages and already heartbreaking for me haha. I hope my heart stay strong later when doing my skripsi.

Found this cute pics the other day lol
Going to sleep now so that my eyebag won't screamm ;)

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mind Digest : Book by MItch Albon , the five people you meet in heaven

Hello ;D
Been a long time since my last post isn't it? Hahaha sorry bcs i don't know what to write.
So today i found a topic to share on my blog which is about a book i read recently
Here it is :
I borrowed it from my friend long ago actually, spot that rilakumma name sticker? That is my friend's name.
And sorry for my poor editing skill hahaha you still can see shadow of my hand and my phone in the picture actually :(
The book is only 196 pages, it seems like a lot but the book is quite thin and small so actually it's not really a long story book.
The book basically about a man that die of accident in his workplace ( which is a themepark ) when he tried to save a girl.
Then he go to heaven and meet the five people that has sth to do in his life. Those people are the one he unknowingly has caused to death, his life savior, victim of his early life job, the former owner of the themepark wife ( whose name is used as themepark's name and his wife.
All those people he meet explain and tell him about what actually happen in his life that he didn't know, why it happen and teach him to be forgiving etc.
It is quite a nice book and i think it worth to read. This is the end of today,s blog post byeee ;)

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Playlist Share - Inna romaria (Body and the Sun)

Hii <3
It's been a long time since the last time i post something hahaha
So to make up of my longgg absence i would like to share some songs that definitely should be on your playlist. Some of might have known these songs but if you don't then check it up.
The singer is Inna Romania with the album title Body and the sun.

Here are some of them which are my favourite ( from most fav to least)
1. Body and the sun
2. Walking on the sun
3. Sun is up
4. Saline sky
5. Too sexy
 Actually almost all of the entire album songs are good but if you are feeling rather lazy to listen to all of the songs then those five are to pick for.

See u again in next post byee :)